Are you ready to embark on a whole new adventure of holistic wellness? 
Is your health needing an UPGRADE
If you want to increase your hydration, vitality and learn to turn your everyday drinks into medicinal healing beverages this book is for YOU!

 I am going to share with you the exact recipes I give my 1:1 clients and teach you the secret sauce to making these herbal infusions part of your everyday drinks to give you more energy and vitality and bring healing to your body.

 What others are saying...

"It was way easier than I thought and super yummy!"
" I get so sick of plain water this is so awesome"
"My mom and I both LOOVE the liver love herbal infusion"

But first let me introduce myself..
Hi! My name is Amanda!
Growing up I had no idea what herbal medicine was or that plants had any capacity to heal the body. 

I thought dandelions were weeds we needed to kill, not medicine that could heal. I thought the doctor was who you called to learn about health.

I've been there. I didn't know exactly where to start. I was trying to do all the right things I knew while searching for answers to all my questions when it came to how to live a healthy lifestyle.

ONE of the very first steps I decided to focus on when it came to living a healthier lifestyle was HYDRATION!

Little did I know that all the water I was drinking - trying to help my acne, dry skin, digestion, brain fog, and energy levels was not being absorbed.

Why herbal drinks and not a pill….
It’s no secret that most of the world suffers from some sort of gut imbalance, ( that was me )and most of us want instant relief.

Many of us want to get HEALTHIER and FEEL BETTER, so we often look to supplements in pill form. 

The PROBLEM with that approach is that when you take pills you have to rely on the health of your digestive system to get absorbed properly. 

And let me tell you.. 
If you have ANY digestive issues such as:
  • Gas
  • ​Bloating
  • ​Indigestion
  • ​Heartburn
  • ​Burping
  • ​Nausea
  • ​or any OTHER type of gut imbalance

YOU have a COMPROMISED gut and more than likely are not absorbing many of your supplements 

  • ​Easily assimilated VITAMINS and MINERALS 
  • ​​Deeper HYDRATION at a cellular level
  • ​​Cost less than pharmaceuticals 
  • ​​No added ingredients
  • ​Herbs are SUSTAINABLE 
  • ​Fewer to no side effects like medications 
  • ​Provides a deeper connection with NATURE, making it medicine for your soul
  • ​Herbal remedies have been used for THOUSANDS of years
  • ​The power of nature's medicinal healing is at your FINGERTIPS 



Water is your life force. It helps transport energy through your body and to every cell. Water is the second most vital element needed for life. 

We need living water that is literally ALIVE with minerals, just like you would find in a fresh natural spring flowing over rocks.

Since most of us do not have the luxury of drinking fresh clean spring water it is CRUCIAL  we find other ways to enhance and SUPERCHARGE the water so our cells can take it in.

The simplest way to do this is to make your water "ALIVE" by adding simple herbs, minerals or superfoods like I am sharing with you in my book.

When we learn how to SUPERCHARGE our water with minerals and herbs we will feel increased hydration,  MORE VITALITY and have deeper healing.

It has taken me years to refine these formulas and really help clients take their power back and learn how to use the plants God gave us to achieve a higher level of WELLNESS & DEEP HYDRATION. 

I discovered that prevention is better than a prescription and that prevention isn't found in a yearly “wellness visit” it can actually be part of your DAILY life and ROUTINES.

Do you want to know how to use plants and herbs for all your common family ailments like these
  • Allergies
  • ​Headaches
  • ​Energy
  • ​Fertility
  • ​Immune Support
  • ​Hormonal Issues
  • ​Anxiety
  • Gentle Cleansing
  • ​Inflammation
ready to improve your sleep, energy and clarity?

Do you want to feel EMPOWERED to not run to the doctor for a pill and start a true preventative approach to your wellness?

Do you want to have what you need at your fingertips so you TRULY feel like the healer of your home?

Do you want to actually be ABSORBING all the water you're drinking and not peeing it all out?

Do you want more ENERGY & VITALITY every single day?
This Ebook is exactly what you need
This is NOURISHMENT and HEALING at the deepest level... Are you ready for your first 


Exactly what you are getting right here

  • REPLACE your daily supplements with a more absorbable LOW COST option
  • ​The ONE herb every WOMAN needs in her life PLUS the best way to support hormones at every stage of life
  • ​GIVE UP coffee using these herbs WITHOUT the jitters using my ultimate blend for ENERGY
  • ​The TOP way to support your IMMUNE system before, during and after any ILLNESS
  • ​ELIMINATE dry cough and mucous quickly with THIS respiratory herbal infusion
  • ​Get RELIEF from seasonal allergies with this ONE herb
  • ​DETOX the body naturally with this powerful blend
Exclusive HERBAL Bonus!
Included in this ebook, you're ALSO getting an exclusive FREE bonus with ALL my "ON THE GO" options for energy and vitality with special access to my practitioner codes and discounts.
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